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Company History:
People the world over have enjoyed bathing in natural springs combining heat, minerals, and buoyancy for thousands of years. By the 1960's new innovations and equipment were introduced, such as pumps (to move water) and therapy jets that mixed air and water to create hydrotherapy. This is the same time period that people began combining these innovations with large wooden round tubs banded from old wine barrels, which gave birth to the term "Hot Tub". The earliest hot tub technology started out simple, but advances came quickly from a few early pioneers with vision.

Since 1976, L.A. Spas has been the world’s industry-leading quality manufacturer of custom made hot tubs. With L.A. Spas’ proprietary energy efficient Ultimate Water Management System, your hot tub will be crystal clear 365 days a year. 

L.A. Spas‘ ergonomically designed seats, jet performance, and immediate stress relief are just a few ways you’ll know you own the very best. Quality, reliability, and performance – reasons why L.A. Spas can provide you with ultimate Adventures in Hydrotherapy!

L.A. Spas has a rich history of innovation. The company was an early pioneer in utilizing modern day spa manufacturing techniques, including vacuum forming spa shells from acrylic, utilizing vinyl ester resin to strengthen the spa shell, developing “Reverse Mold Technology” (RMT), recessing therapy jets, and integrating fiber optic lighting and audio systems for mood and style - thus developing the modern day “hot tub” or “spa.”

custom spa builderIn 2003, L.A. Spas solidified its position as the leader in filtration technology by developing its patented Aqua Klean® filters. These innovations forever changed hydrotherapy, making it affordable and an adventure for all.

Based in Southern California, L.A. Spas designs, manufactures, and sells a wide array of portable hot tubs that exceed every consumer’s needs. In addition to designing award-winning hot tubs the company builds over 30 different California Redwood gazebos.

L.A. Spas’ premium products, which now include the revolutionary In-Fit™ swim spa, are sold by leading retailers in more than 35 countries around the world.

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