Ultimate Shell

Quality Components & Construction:
LA Spas uses only the finest cast acrylic surface exclusively for high luster and lasting beauty. Solid unibody, pressure treated timber frame and solid footwell reinforcement provide outstanding shell stability. Our unique cabinet-saver waterfall lip forces splashing water away from the spa while protecting the finish of the cabinet.

The LA Spas reinforced footwell is structurally designed with a mixture of layered composite material that supports the entire shell structure to rest solidly on the ground providing maximum structural integrity. LA Spas sub-frames are specially built with moisture resistant pressure treated timber that provides heavy duty long term structural support. LA Spas also integrates an 'ABS' sealed base vapor barrier that eliminates moisture creep. Although features and options may vary from model to model, every LA Spa offers the same heavy duty construction, equipment and materials. With the #1 warranty in the world, every LA Spa is built to last...

Ultimate Spa Shell Construction

L.A. Spas’ shell designs start with a lustrous cast acrylic surface combined with a rugged, vinylester laminate. The result is a solid structure that retains its beauty for years. Polybond construction is a layered composite construction of acrylic, polybond, and polyester laminate. Bonding these three elements together creates a super tough spa shell that is built to last for decades.