Features And Quality

Carbon Fibre Heating Elements: The most efficient and 'even' way to distribute Far Infrared energy. These state of the art heater elements are more expensive, work better and do not break like conventional ceramic heater elements.

More Heaters: Oasis Therapy Saunas have more heaters than our competitors have which provide more Far Infrared energy, this allows you to achieve a better result quicker than other brands can offer.

Exclusive Foot Heater: Many people experience circulation problems in their feet & legs, so we have fitted an Infrared Heater with its' own On/Off switch into the floor of our Saunas to target and treat these problems.

Air Purifier / Ioniser: To maximise the benefits from your Infrared therapy session, we have placed an oxygen ioniser in every unit that will help purify the air and create a positive therapeutic environment.

Stylish Contemporary Design: Our modern day designs, stainless steel trims and overall build quality put Oasis Therapy Saunas in a league of their own - an appealing and valuable addition to any home or business.

Premium Strength & Build Quality: All walls are insulated and built with a three layer laminate construction. Quality heaters and fittings, concealed connecting locks and a superior finish add to the appeal and quality of our sauna range.

Maximum Comfort & Privacy: Contoured seating and back / recliner supports ensure maximum comfort. Full length tinted glass provides privacy while overcoming the feeling of claustrophobia you get in other sauna brands.

Maximum Safety: All Oasis Therapy Saunas are constructed from untreated, clear heart Hemlock Spruce. There are no toxic glues or chemicals used in the manufacturing process and all electronics are tested as part of our Australian approval process and are designed and constructed to 'above industry standards'.

Sauna Tech Electronic Control System: Dual digital control panels allows you to control the temperature and lighting from inside or out. Unlike cheaper brands with very basic electronics and dodgy or illegal wiring, our saunas are tested and designed for safety and long life.

Exclusive Foot Heaters  Quality Sound & Lighting Systems Back Rest / Lumbar Support