Therapy Benefits

Detox Therapy: Helps expel heavy metals, toxins and fatty acids from cells deep within your body.

Cardiovascular & Immuno Therapy: Increases metabolism and circulation, giving your heart, arteries and veins a regular workout. Helps boost your immune system and regulate blood pressure.

Derma Therapy: Helps break down fat and cellulite, removes oils, makeup and toxins from the skin and encourages circulation and cell repair for cleaner, more toned and healthier looking skin. Great for acne and skin other conditons.

Weight Loss Therapy: Infrared energy increases your bodies metabolism which helps remove built up fats while burning up to 600 calories per 30 minute session.

Pain Relief & Mobility Therapy: Heat and increased blood circulation helps relieve joint and muscle stiffness while reducing pain and assisting with cell repair and mobility. Great for arthritis sufferers.

Sports Injury & Healing Therapy: Infrared heat increases blood circulation which assists recovery from sports and other injuries. It is also very effective before sports to reduce muscle damage and improve flexibility.

Relaxation & Stress Therapy: Infrared heat is the perfect way to reduce stress and relax muscles. Every Oasis Therapy Sauna comes with Sound, Colour & Aroma Therapy to help you relax, de-stress and revitalise. Put on your favourite music, choose an aromtherapy fragrance and a lighting colour to suit your mood and ..... RELAX

Foot Therapy: If you spend a lot of time on your feet or have trouble with gout, diabetes or poor blood circulation, then you will benefit from our exclusive foot heaters which target heat and energy to stimulate circulation and cell repair exactly where it's required.

Enjoy Eight Therapies in One...