Platinum 4.4

Oasis Spas Platinum 4.4 Swim Spa is a plunge pool with high flow swim jets that allow you to endlessly swim against the current as well as being a hydrotherapy spa and aquarobics centre all in one. Available with 3 or 4 Pumps & Swim Jets, the Platinum 4.4 Swim Spa is designed to offer something for everyone.

The Platinum 4.4 features include:
• 3 Multi depth massage seats & Recliner
• 1 Corner massage seat
• Stand Up massage
• 62 fully adjustable massage jets
• 3 or 4 high performance adjustable swim jets
• Aqua Lift Swim System technology for more boyancy

Oasis Spas are world class hydrotherapy spas built using only the best components from around the world. Compare the build quality, equipment and features and you'll see why Oasis Spas are without a doubt Australia's Best Value For Money Spas!